1. Testimonial for John Weaver

    I write to commend John Weaver for his professional efforts in the sale of our unit at 12 Lapraik St, Ascot.  John’s guidance throughout the sale process helped my wife and I to reach sensible decisions without levels of stress.

    This combined with his commitment to see the sale through and his presence throughout the process provide us with a great outcome.

    We thank John for all his hard work and his ethical and professional approach to the sale of our property.

    John G

  2. Testimonial for David Havig

    Dear David,

    Havig & Jackson – Recommendation

    Thank you for the recent sale of Jennifer’s property at Hamilton. I am delighted to provide this unsought recommendation.

    From the moment you arrived at the house and provided a realistic and thorough appraisal, Jennifer and I felt comfortable with your professionalism.

    I appreciated your statement that you deal with only a few properties at a time, but that you give each  property your proper attention. And so it has proved. The sale was not an easy one in these market conditions, and a this time of year. But you made valiant effort after valiant effort, dealing with the summer issues of hail, mosquitoes, growing grass, the pool and unreliable workmen.

    I am confident that you achieved the best price possible and I am delighted to recommend you to other vendors.

    Your accounts staff and back office were helpful and prompt. It has been a pleasure to deal with you David.

    Yours faithfully

    Christopher Eddison-Cogan


    Eakin McCaffery Cox

  3. Testimonial for John Weaver

    Dear John,

    It gives us great pleasure to thank you for the smooth and anxiety-free sale of our house in Clayfield. Our son Conrad highly recommended your expertise in the local market so I called your office. I was informed you were in Europe at the time but would be back within the week.

    To my relief and pleasant surprise, you called our home the next evening to tell us you would see us as soon as you returned from Europe.

    We met as promised where you mapped our a sales program which put us at ease and gave us much confidence for the entire sales period.

    To our amazement and pleasure you produced 4 signed contracts from which to choose, after the house was only 3 days on the market.

    The sale was very profitable for us, thereby giving us immense relief and a new life in a chose retirement villa with the Masonic Group at Sandgate.

    Thank you so much for your constant attention which made it a worry-free transaction for us.

    May each of your dealings be as rapid and successful as you made ours.

    Hans & Betty M


  4. Testimonial for John Weaver

    I recently worked with John Weaver in the sale of a Windsor property and am very pleased to say that because of him it was an effortless transaction, unlike some that I have experienced in the past.

    As a local Buyer’s Agent I am in constant communication with several real estate agents in and around the city and can honestly say that John is by far one of the better agents that I have the pleasure of doing business with.

    John certainly works hard for his Sellers.  His negotiation skills are some of the best I’ve seen and his communication throughout the sale process was excellent.  I hope to work with John in the future by introducing my buyers to suitable properties that he has access to and certainly recommend his services to anyone considering selling their property.

    Wendy R

  5. Testimonial for John Weaver

    RE:  Sale of Apartment at Mariner’s Reach, Newstead

    I wish to compliment John on his competent handling of the sale of my apartment in Mariner’s Reach.

    Under John’s careful eye for detail, presentation and skillful supervision, within one week, the twelve year old apartment was transformed into pristine condition.

    At minimal expense, re-painting, re-carpeting and minor maintenance repairs were completed, while John attended to the courtyard garden and cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms.

    The apartment was marketing for inspection in immaculate condition on the 14th November, 2009 and sold within three weeks, on a thirty day contract which was settled without any complications.

    Full credit to John for his professionalism, courtesy, marketing skills, dedication and sincerity in dealing with me, the vendor and the purchasers, who are now the happy owners.

    Thank you John,

    Bruce N, Newstead

  6. Testimonial for John Weaver

    Dear John,

    As we about to move from Kingsholme Street, Julie and I just wanted to drop you a line to sincerely thank you for the superb job you did marketing and selling our home.

    As you would expect we spoke to a number of Real Estate Agents, however there was never any doubt in our mind after we met you, that you were the person we would choose.

    Your professional approach from the outset was refreshing and we were sure that potential buyers would feel equally impressed and that could only help us in the selling process.

    You gave us excellent advice at our first meeting regarding some finishing touches that needed to be done before going to market and we are both convinced they amounted to a very worthwhile investment that enable us to achieve an excellent price for the property.

    Your marketing of the property was thorough and attentive, as well as always considerate to the fact that our way of life was disrupted as little as possible. The fact that we sold the house within two weeks of it being on the internet and one week after advertising in the newspaper certainly helped to keep the disruption to a minimum.

    Finally, we were extremely happy with the way you conducted the all important negotiating process with two potential buyers.

    All in all a job very well done and we will certainly be keeping in touch fro the next time we want to sell a property. Many thanks.

    Bob V

  7. Testimonial for John Weaver

    We would highly recommend John Weaver to anyone wanting to sell a property.  At all times, John was helpful, approachable and professional.  He is very genuine and warm, which certainly appealed to us after other not so agreeable experiences.

    John ‘knew his stuff’ re the market we were selling in and advised us appropriately.  Although the property we had for sale was only a small apartment, John never treated us as though our sale was any less important than a far bigger one!

    Our property was an investment property and John also treated our tenants with respect, keeping them as informed as possible, which we, and they, appreciated!

    Thank you, John, for your time and attention,

    Karen and Anton T

  8. Testimonial for John Weaver

    John Weaver is a real estate agent who gives much, much more.

    Sound advice on the current market and appropriate marketing strategies,

    • Constructive suggestions on how a property should be presented,
    • An ability to prepare a needs brief and works schedule,
    • Access to reliable, competent, contractors and suppliers,
    • A willingness to personally engage a works team and project manage the works program.

    After John managed the refurbishment of my property he secured a sale within 10 days. As the seller, I was very pleased and the buyer was delighted with their purchase.

    Both the seller and the buyer can benefit from John’s experience, advice, expertise and skills.

    Barbara T

    Stafford Heights

  9. Testimonial for John Weaver

    At the height of the global financial crisis, I signed an unconditional contract on a house in New South Wales and, with some trepidation, placed my house in New Farm on the market.

    I listed the house with John Weaver from Havig and Jackson as sole agent.

    I cannot praise John too highly for the way he advised me and handled the sale.  His advice on a listing price and on the way the house should be presented for sale was considered and appropriate.

    Within 3 WEEKS of listing we had a contract for the sale of the house at a very good price and on terms which suited our move to New South Wales. John handled all inspections and negotiations with skill, discretion and impeccable politeness at all times.

    I have no hesitation in recommending John Weaver as a real estate agent.

    Susan B



  10. Testimonial for John Weaver

    My wife and I have recently had the pleasure of selling a unit through Havig and Jackson, this is the second time I have used your services and remain very happy with the agency.

    We especially wish to pass on our appreciation for John Weaver for his outstanding assistance he has gave us with the sale of our unit.

    John has exceeded our expectations with not only the sale happening from the first open house but also for a price that my wife and I are happy with.

    John has displayed great depth of knowledge about not only property sales but also interior design and renovations.  He provided us with great guidance in renovating the unit and organised professional suppliers and trades people who have made the unit look truly amazing.

    Dealing with John is an absolute delight.  He has made the normally stressful process of bringing a unit up to a high standard for sale much easier, added to this is his very personal and approachable. We found John to very easy to talk to and he is always happy to explain reasoning behind any decision and expand what processes need to be performed.

    During the process of renovating and the sale John was always in contact with us and kept us up to date with what was happening and he was always on top of any issues or problems that had arisen ensuring that nothing was left unchecked.

    I would happily recommend John and Havig & Jackson for anyone who is looking at buying or selling property and will be very happy to work with John in the future.

    John Conrad M